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EPDM sheets are a synthetic elastomer, it stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer and that is a fairly long chemical term. Essentially, the scientific innovations have generated methods of mixing specific atoms or monomers together in multiple proportions, this procedure is known as polymerization. The associations of the atoms are done to fulfill the purpose of acquiring a particular end outcome or to have a material that has a certain set of standards of resistance. In this scenario, the propylene, ethylene, and diene are all mixed together to generate the end product that is the EPDM rubber. EPDM Flooring installation is one of the main services we provide.


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We are a firm having expertise in Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring `{`TREMIX`}`. Mr. V.K.SAH, the key personal, has been in this trade for more than 12 years. One of the pioneers of Vacuum Dewatered Flooring `{`VDF`}` Kolkata W.B.Odisha and Jharkhand Bihar.
Unfortunately, today’s VDF scene has been hijacked by one-time labour operators, knowing nothing about the actual significance of the process. These fly-by-night operators have access to the equipment but not the technology & perform works at low rates, which are always attractive to clients. Many a times, vacuuming, the very heart of the process is not done.

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