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Why US?

Difference Between

Engineered Flooring

Wide Pannels
with laser scared technology we can lay 25m wide panels in a single pour. This results in a 70 to 80% reduction in construction joints.

Edge Protection
A proprietary armored joint and plate dowel system protects the construction joints from heavy traffic and ensure smooth load transfer.

Steel Reinforcement
Laying a steel mesh or adding steel fibers in concrete increases the slab’s strength and is instrumental in eliminating cracking in concrete.

Surface Hardening
using dry-shake hardener increases the surface’s abrasian resistance and using a silicate beased densifier makes the floor dust-free and glossy.

Conventional Flooring

Random cracking
Bad concrete, uneven sub-base, thin slab, delayed saw cutting, poor workmanship and bad design can all lead to a severly cracked floor.

Dusting Floor
Poor finishing techniques, wrong concrete mix, and incorrect use of dry-shake hardener result in a concrete slab that is porous.

Damaged Edges
Lack of load transfer mechanism across joints, wraped formwork, and lack of edge protection cause rapid deterioration of floor edges.

Too many joints
The conventional strip construction method results in construction joints every 3 to 4 meters, leading to accelerated floor damage.

So Why Us?


We work hard to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our approach to business is straightforward and honest, and this helps us build trust in our customers. We are able to listen better, plan better, and build better because of our sincere attitude.

Best Advice

There are a lot of differnt flooring products available in the market today. So it is very important to know what product to use when, because there are obvious cost and performance implications associated with each product. Our clients get unbiased advice from us every time they ask for an opinion.

Perfect Implementation

Our advice to our clients is based an engineering principles and industry best practices. During the project planning stage we create awareness about the basic elements required to build a good floor. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all the essentials are adhered to during project execution. A little care taken during the construction stage can help avoid costly repairs and productivity loss later.

We are a firm having expertise in Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring `{`TREMIX`}`. Mr. V.K.SAH, the key personal, has been in this trade for more than 12 years. One of the pioneers of Vacuum Dewatered Flooring `{`VDF`}` Kolkata W.B.Odisha and Jharkhand Bihar.
Unfortunately, today’s VDF scene has been hijacked by one-time labour operators, knowing nothing about the actual significance of the process. These fly-by-night operators have access to the equipment but not the technology & perform works at low rates, which are always attractive to clients. Many a times, vacuuming, the very heart of the process is not done.

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